1. Core strengthening:

Pilates exercises are more intensely focused on core strengthening than Yoga.Toning is achieved though precise repetitive movements often using weights or equipment to build strength.

Yoga practice builds strength and endurance in the core muscles through sustained postures (asanas) but this is not the main focus.

  1. Body and mind connection:

An important part of Pilates practice is focus and the connection between your mind and body using visualisations to improve movement patterns but it is strictly a physical exercise program.

Yoga is fundamentally a spiritual practice, teaching you how to quiet your mind and enter a meditative state.

  1. Back pain:

Pilates definitely has more of a focus on physical conditioning. Research suggests that ‘non- specific’ back pain can be greatly improved through regular Pilates practice by correcting muscle imbalances and strengthening the muscles which improve posture.

Yoga practice can significantly improve spinal flexibility and strength, although some postures would be considered unsuitable for certain back conditions. Yoga has a strong focus on well-being and is likely to reduce stress which can be a trigger for certain types of spinal pain.

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