Improve performance and prevent injuries with Physio-led Pilates

If you dance, run, cycle, row, swim, or lift weights then improving your alignment, muscle structure and the way you move with clinical Pilates will significantly help to prevent overuse injuries.

A stronger core makes you quicker, leaner and gives you greater power for explosive movements. We can also help you improve your flexibility while correcting technical faults and muscle imbalances as well as gain control of areas of hyper flexibility. Improved balance, proprioception, co-ordination and stability will all significantly enhance your performance.

At this level everyone is strongly advised to have a private session before going into a class to ensure you have a bespoke program of exercises specifically to complement your sport.

Our 1:1 private Pilates classes are all taught by highly qualified, clinically trained Physiotherapists who will screen your movements, strength and flexibility to fully understand your needs. This helps us develop a personalised programme and get you moving well from your very first appointment.

What are the benefits of Physio Pilates?

Working with a physio means that you can be confident that you are training safely with a healthcare professional who will understand and be able to carefully modify the Pilates movements to best effect for you, regardless of your medical history.

There are lots of reasons why Pilates is so highly recommended, some of these include:

• Improve balance, control and movement patterns
• Prevent injuries (Prehab)
• Better posture and body awareness
• Recovery from injury or surgery
• Build core and whole-body strength
• Restore flexibility and mobility
• Reduce stress and tension
• Accelerate Postnatal recovery
• Relieve pain
• Maintain or Increase fitness during pregnancy

Reformer Pilates for athletes and dancers

Whatever your goals, Pilates exercises can be adjusted to increase or reduce the challenge and add variety. In fact, I’d say that no two sessions at our studio are ever the same. If you are working on the mat repertoire, then we often use small equipment like a roller, small ball, mini bands, sliders or long resistance bands. On equipment, we switch between our combi chair, reformer, tower, ladder and spine corrector to bring variety and challenge.

Moving in new ways like this each session keeps your body from adapting, so you will continue to make progress rather than plateau.

Understanding the basic principles and some of the key movements is vital for good form, so from the first appointment we will teach you precise form and modify or breakdown or build up the movements to suit your specific needs and capabilities.

Skipping ahead means that your progress will plateau more quickly, so a good grounding in the basics principles is vital before stepping up the challenge.

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