Beginners Physiotherapist-led Pilates

Beginners Pilates classes are available as 1:1 private sessions – in person at the studio or online – or through our live, online group Pilates classes. Beginners classes are suitable for everyone, regardless of age or level of fitness.

They will all introduce you to the basic principles of Pilates and you’ll learn some of the key movements and exercises. The exercises are modified and gradually built up during each class, so you can work at a level and pace which is comfortable and safe for you.

We strongly recommend a 1:1 session before starting group classes if you are a complete beginner, have any injuries, are pregnant or have recently had a baby. In a 1:1 Pilates session – online or face to face – our physiotherapists will take the time to assess your posture, flexibility, core strength and the way you move, so we can understand how to help you reach your goals. We will get you moving straight away and design a targeted programme of exercises, sent to you with videos, for you to practice.

We run a bespoke service, so whether you call us for a one-off assessment, book into a weekly online Pilates class or a regular private Pilates session, we will always be focusing on your individual needs.

When would a beginners Pilates class be recommended?

Learning the basics well, so they are second nature, means that you will continue to see progress in your strength and mobility. Skipping ahead before you’ve mastered good control, means that you are more likely to hit a plateau down the line. The beginner’s movements build gradually to help you move more efficiently in all activities and form the foundations for our more challenging Pilates classes.

Starting with a beginner’s class is especially important if you have an injury or pre-existing medical condition. Medical professionals often recommend Pilates to those who have had an injury or are recovering from illness or surgery. This is because it’s important to keep moving, both when your body is healing and after the healing process is complete. Movement helps prevent your muscles from becoming weak or tight and it stops your joints becoming stiff and relieves pain.

As physiotherapists we understand how bodies heal and we know how to modify and when to use pilates exercises safely to help those recovering from injury, illness or surgery. We only have physiotherapists with many years of clinical experience on our team, so the chances are that they have helped people with your exact symptoms many times.

Few things are as rewarding as seeing patients return to their normal lives and move freely without pain. So it doesn’t matter what your injury has been or when it happened, get in touch and we’ll talk through the issues, look at your scans and reports and get you moving safely and confidently again.

What will you learn in a beginners Pilates class?

You will learn a lot about your own body and how it moves. You’ll learn about your posture, strength, areas of tightness or excessive mobility, breathing patterns and habitual movement patterns.

You’ll practice some key movements with your physiotherapist and explore different ways techniques to help you achieve greater range and move with better control and efficiency.

Some of the benefits of a beginners Pilates class:

  • Improved core control and strength
  • Better balance
  • Greater flexibility
  • Postural awareness
  • Breathing well
  • More efficient patterns of movement
  • General strength and tone for your whole body
  • Stress management
  • Pain relief

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