Private Physiotherapist-led Pilates

Our 1:1 private Pilates sessions are all taught by highly qualified, clinically trained Physiotherapists. You can expect an individual assessment initially, so we understand your needs and can develop a personalised programme to get you moving from your first appointment.

Private Physio Pilates sessions are completely focused on your own goals. Whether they include strengthening your body, becoming more flexible, recovering from an injury or improving your posture, our physiotherapists will tailor each session to your clinical needs. They’ll also teach you exercises to practice at home, so you can keep up the good work in between sessions.

1:1 Pilates classes are especially helpful for people recovering from injury or surgery, those who haven’t exercised regularly for a while or beginners in preparation for going into a class. Other clients we teach privately include older adults looking to improve their balance, women who want to maintain fitness during pregnancy or restore strength in the postnatal period and athletes and dancers, as a way of preventing injuries.

Some of our clients are people who’ve found it difficult to attend a regular class because of other commitments and some just prefer to exercise on their own. It’s simply the most convenient way to learn and practice Pilates.

What are the benefits of Physio Pilates?

There is no formal governing body for Pilates in the UK, so the level of teaching or experience of your instructor can vary dramatically. Working with a physiotherapist means that you can be confident that you are training safely with a highly qualified healthcare professional who will understand how and when Pilates exercises can be used to best effect.

There are lots of reasons why Pilates is so highly recommended by medical professionals, some of these include:

  • Recovery from injury or surgery
  • Build core and whole-body strength
  • Restore flexibility and mobility
  • Improve balance, control and movement patterns
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Relieve pain
  • Better posture and body awareness
  • Accelerate Postnatal recovery
  • Increase fitness during pregnancy
  • Prevent injuries (Prehab)

Who is Pilates suitable for?

So long as your instructor has the right training, Pilates is suitable for everyone, regardless of your age, weight, level of fitness, medical history or previous experience.

Understanding the basic principles and some of the key movements is vital for good form, so from the first appointment we teach precise form and modify or breakdown any difficult movements to suit your specific needs and capabilities. Skipping ahead means that your progress will plateau more quickly, so a good understanding of the basics before stepping up the challenge is important.

There are so many amazing ways to tweak and modify Pilates exercises that every session will be a bit different, even if you are working towards the same goal.

We might incorporate small equipment like a roller, small ball, mini bands, sliders or long resistance bands to your repertoire on the mat. If you are working on equipment, we might switch between our combi chair, reformer, tower, ladder and spine corrector to bring variety and challenge. Moving in new ways like this each session keeps your body from adapting, so you will continue to make progress rather than plateau.

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