These are a few tips given to me by a Nutritional Therapist who works at our studio.

1) Chew, chew, chew your food…. by eating slowly and not bolting your food you will avoid swallowing air which leads to bloating.

2) Don’t eat on the run! Practice mindful eating; sit, relax and enjoy the flavours and textures of your meal.

3) Avoid carbonated drinks as the gas can get trapped and build up, causing bloating. If you find water boring try flavouring it with lemon, lime, cucumber or mint.

4) Don’t chew gum! It will lead you to swallowing air and yes- to that bloated feeling.

5) Avoid artificial sweeteners as the body can’t digest them – the result is gas and guess what? Bloating!

Feeling bloated during a Pilates class is no fun at all … try our Pilates Smoothie for slow release energy and a healthy boost of leafy greens:

Pre workout smoothie for Pilates

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