Man doing pilates

If it’s crossed your mind that you might be the only man in your pilates class, then think again!

With the likes of Andy Murray, the All Blacks and Tiger Woods all using pilates as part of their training, there has been a definite rise in the number of men attending pilates classes and the benefits for them are huge.

So why should men do Pilates?

There are so many benefits for men who practice pilates that you are certain to find something that you’d like to work on … here are three great reasons to find a pilates class near you:

  • Increased flexibility – stretch out tight muscles and improve the movement in your joints. From putting on your socks in the morning to getting out of your chair at lunchtime, improved flexibility makes every movement in your day to day life feel more comfortable.
  • Increased strength – precise, focused movements help you to increase your core strength and general fitness. Whether you are a runner or lift weights, these deep muscles are often neglected. It’s not all about the abdominals either … good core strength is achieved by developing the muscles around the hips, pelvis, lower back and abdominals, so they work together well and each take up their fair share of the load. You’ll be able to lift more and perform better, with fewer injuries.
  • Reduced stress and better mental focus – there’s no time to think about the stresses of everyday life during a pilates class. The breathing patterns and steady, structured pace of a pilates workout means you have to think about what you are doing to achieve good form. You’ll leave feeling physically tired, but mentally refreshed!

So whatever your reason for starting, Pilates is a great way for men to exercise and contrary to popular belief, we don’t insist you wear lycra. Unless of course you want to.

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