Specialist Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Instructor

Angela is a very experienced MSK Physiotherapist specialising in Women’s Health (pelvic health, antenatal and postnatal) and reformer Pilates.

Angela studied in one of the most prestigious universities in Europe and has been working as a Chartered Physiotherapists, in both hospitals and private practice, in the UK for the last five years.

Angela often combines hands on techniques for pain relief with corrective exercises to improve outcomes for the long term, integrating her knowledge of Pilates into her physiotherapy and women’s health treatment programmes. She is trained to teach clinical Pilates on the mat (APPI) and reformer (Polestar) and offers 1:1 private classes in our Pilates studio.

Angela is a highly creative Pilates instructor, incorporating exercises on reformer, tower, spine corrector, combi chair and ladder to create fun, challenging and personalised programmes.

She a brilliant physio and Pilates instructor and teaches a number of popular classes on our online timetable, from beginners through to advanced.

Call us on 01223 914415 to book a private class or book online for group classes.